Footage emerges of Gerry Brownlee and Trevor Mallard's Japanese trade mission

Footage has emerged of Trevor Mallard and Gerry Brownlee's trade mission to watch the All Blacks play in Japan, criticised by some. 

The pair took their love for the sport to new heights, travelling first class, jetting to Tokyo to watch the All Blacks smash Japan at the weekend, costing the taxpayer $24,000.

They are defending the trip saying it was a trade mission, despite calls they should repay the money. 

A video posted by Radio Hauraki shows the pair enjoying a casual dinner at a Japanese restaurant.

"Exclusive: Footage of Gerry Brownlee and Trevor Mallard on their all work no play very important business trip to Japan," the Instagram post reads.  

"We can confirm plenty of work was being done and that Trevor Mallard was rocking four buttons undone."

Political Editor Tova O'Brien jokingly told the AM Show on Wednesday morning it was a rort of a trip.

"Which was a trade mission were told, it just so happens the All Blacks were playing at the time," she says.

"[The] poor buggers had to drag themselves along to the game."

And despite a great result for the boys in black, the speaker didn't even enjoy it.

"I do like watching rugby, but would prefer to watch on the television at home," he told Newshub on Tuesday.

He even applauded his fellow politician for giving up his weekend to endure some "relatively uncomfortable travel". 

The pair said they were promoting New Zealand's interests. Ms O'Brien took aim at the speaker, saying: 

"He had to go all the way to Japan and sit and endure business class for all of those many, many, many hours to watch this game and promote New Zealand's interests.

"Give the guy a break, give parliaments favourite 'frenemies' a break."

Even more baffling is why Mr Brownlee, the former Foreign Affairs Minister, was chosen for the trade mission over current minister Winston Peters, Ms O'Brien says. 

ACT leader David Seymour has criticised the trip, labelling it a "huge waste of taxpayer money".