Former National MP Jami-Lee Ross won't return to Parliament this year

Jami-Lee Ross will not be returning to Parliament for the final month of the political year.

The former National MP, who left Parliament in one of the most phenomenal displays of political sabotage, told Newshub he's remaining on medical advice.

Mr Ross returned to Parliament on Wednesday to pick up some things. He came in through the carpark during question time when MPs were in the house.

If Mr Ross had signalled his return to Parliament this year to the Speaker, he could have been alloted a speech slot in the general debate. It would have given Mr Ross an opportunity to speak under parliamentary privilege about whatever he wanted, but Mr Ross says he's not planning to take that up.

Mr Ross says he'll be ready to talk about returning in January next year around the time of Ratana. The Māori prophet's birthday on January 25 marks the unofficial start of the political year and politicians of all stripes travel to Ratana Pa to commemorate.

Last week Mr Ross attended the opening of a new building at Middlemore Hospital's mental health facility. It was his first public appearance since being sectioned under the Mental Health Act and taken into care at the hospital.

In October, National party leader Simon Bridges announced that an inquiry into who leaked his travel expenses found Mr Ross was the likely culprit. 

As the party unanimously voted Mr Ross out of the party, the now-independent MP held a press conference where he accused Mr Bridges of breaking the law, which the leader denied. Allegations of bullying levelled at Mr Ross were made over the following days and leading up to him being sectioned.

New Zealand First will place Mr Ross' vote for him along National Party lines while he is on leave. Mr Ross had offered his former party his vote, but they declined.