Government to release details of Wally Haumaha inquiry

The Government is set to release the results of an inquiry into Wally Haumaha's appointment as Deputy Police Commissioner today. 

Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin delayed its release for a week to redact names. And National has called the delay disgraceful and cynical.

Mr Haumaha's appointment is under a cloud over comments he made about police officers accused of rape.

Speaking to Newshub Nation on Saturday, Ms Martin said she had delayed the report to ensure everything that needed to be redacted had been.

"I needed to make sure that Crown Law had gone through and redacted all the names and so on and so forth of Woman A and Woman B and Woman C to protect their privacy," she said.

The inquiry was set up to look into the process that led to Mr Haumaha being appointed. He was one of two recommendations Minister of Police Stuart Nash made to the Prime Minister for the role.

His appointment was questioned after it emerged he called the alleged police rape of Louise Nicholas "nonsense" during an investigation in 2004.

Ms Nicholas spoke out strongly against his appointment, and Mr Nash said he was not aware of Mr Haumaha's comments when he recommended him.

Further allegations surfaced in August that Mr Haumaha had bullied three women in 2015 and 2016, and they decided to stop working at the Police National Headquarters as a result.


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