Jacinda Ardern reveals hilarious and touching letters she's received as Prime Minister

The Prime Minister has revealed a few of the many letters she has been sent during her time in Parliament.

Speaking at the Labour Party annual conference in Dunedin on Sunday, Jacinda Ardern said she receives many letters as a Prime Minister. While some are supportive, others can be rather nasty.

As a brand new Member of Parliament, Ms Ardern was given the opportunity to partake in a weekly breakfast television panel called 'The Young Guns' alongside now Opposition leader Simon Bridges.

But one lady apparently wasn't so sure how the duo's hair colours complimented each other, emailing Ms Ardern to politely ask her to consider dying it.

"I replied that perhaps she could make the same suggestion to the other MP. After all, his hair was shorter," she said.

However, most are a lot more positive, especially those from children, like one kid thinking politicians should make everything free "because then there would be no such thing as poor people".

A seven-year-old thought that the Prime Minister's powers and jurisdiction had no limits.

"Dear Jacinda, can you change the boring grey toasters into bright colours. Perhaps you could pass a law?" apparently said one of the letters.

Ms Ardern was also pleased to inform the kids at Rolleston Primary that the list they sent of things to "make New Zealand a better place" was the same as hers.

It included stopping pollution and cyber bullying, making rivers clean, and "no nuclear bombs".

Some of the Government's policies also received praise from writers, with a mother-of-three saying because of the newly introduced Families Package, she could work one less cleaning job.

Another could buy more socks for her children, as well as blankets for them to be warm at night.

During her speech, the Prime Minister also announced that 600 learning support coordinators would be employed in schools by 2020.


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