Labour keen to subsidise sanitary products - report

The Labour Party has passed a remit to subsidise or fund disposable or reusable sanitary products.

It was announced at the party's annual party conference in Dunedin on Saturday night, only days after a new survey found one in four women struggled to afford sanitary items, reports Stuff.

The KidsCan survey of 5000 women revealed over half say the cost of sanitary products has been an issue, while just under a quarter say they have missed school or work due to a lack of access to sanitary wear.

The founder of KidsCan, Julie Chapman, welcomed the remit as a step in the right direction and hopes to see lots of different products covered by the move, to ensure all women were catered for.

Labour MP Louisa Wall, who earlier this year commented that women were having to create makeshift sanitary items, told Stuff she was pleased party members were prioritising period poverty.