More KiwiBuild homes on show

South Auckland will be crawling with hopeful homeowners on Saturday as KiwiBuild apartments open their doors.

Ten homes in the Mason Square development in Otahuhu will be open to the public Saturday and Sunday.

The two-bedroom properties boast a deck, carpark, dishwashers, washing machine and a dryer.

The ballot for the Mason Square properties opens Monday.

The fledgling KiwiBuild scheme aims to build 100,000 affordable properties in 10 years, but has been criticised lately for being unaffordable for the truly needy.

"KiwiBuild homes are out of reach for the working poor and the unemployed, who are the ones facing the real brunt of the housing crisis", said Auckland Action Against Poverty coordinator Ricardo Menendez March.

"With a price-tag of half-a-million dollars, KiwiBuild homes are a future speculator's dream."

Housing Minister Phil Twyford even said the scheme was "not a programme aimed at low-income families, because they may not be able to service a KiwiBuild mortgage".