National doesn't know who groped teen at youth wing event

Politicians are again dealing with allegations of harassment from within their party.

Claims of inappropriate behaviour have emerged from the National Party's youth wing - the latest in a series of scandals hitting political parties.

A teenage girl says she hid from a man claiming to be a wealthy party donor after he tried to kiss her. He reportedly pursued and attempted to grope her.

National doesn't know who the man is, so he could still attend party functions.

National party leader Simon Bridges says: "When [the allegations] came to the party's attention, it was handled very responsibly."

He adds that the victim was "encouraged to go to the police".

A group left the Young Nats function at a bar and went to the apartment of a man claiming to be a wealthy party donor.

A 17-year-old woman alleges the man pulled her away from her friends, grabbed her face and attempted to kiss her. 

She fled the apartment to the bathroom of a fast-food restaurant, but he followed her, reportedly continuing to attempt to grope her.

While MPs were at the bar event, they knew nothing of the incident.

National MP Simeon Brown was unaware of the situation saying: "I left very early, so the first thing I was aware of it was what we saw this morning".

Another MP Andrew Bayly said the event was "very quiet, and there was plenty of food and plenty of adults".

Other MPs are attempting to distance themselves from the event. 

From Maggie Barry's understanding, the accused was a "very new member - I don't know much more about it than that".

Allegations of sexual harassment emerged from a Labour Party youth camp earlier this year - information that was not passed on to police, the parents or the Prime Minister. 

At the time, National was fierce in its criticism. Judith Collins told The AM Show that "I'd actually rip their throats out for doing that, if it was my kid".

National encouraged the young woman in this incident to contact police, but the party doesn't know who the man is.

President of the National Party Peter Goodfellow says the party is unable to ban people, "unless we know who they are".

Police say they are investigating the incident and will not comment further.