New Zealand business Wishbone caught asking employees for medical information

A Green Party investigation into New Zealanders having to disclose their mental health status when applying for work has reportedly exposed illegal practises in the private sector.

The investigation found that Wishbone eatery requests potential employees for a list of medication they are taking.

Green MP Chloe Swarbrick said what medicine prospective staff are taking has no relevance to the work they are applying for and has labelled it as "invasive" and "illegal discrimination under the provisions of the Human Rights Act" if it affects if they are hired.

 "Of course there are instances where it is fair to ask specifics around ailments that hinder capability to do the job, for example handling heavy machinery or lifting heavy goods. In an ideal world, requests around mental health from employers would be used to support workers, not exclude them".

She said it reinforces stigmas around mental health issues and those who are getting treatment.

Wishbone had no comment when contacted by Newshub.

The eatery has numerous stores throughout Auckland, Wellington and the South Island.