Photo of Jacinda Ardern and US Vice President Mike Pence goes viral

A well-timed photo of Jacinda Ardern and United States Vice President Mike Pence has gone viral, due to the New Zealand Prime Minister's visibly annoyed look.

Ms Ardern and Mr Pence met several times last week over the course of the ASEAN leaders summit and APEC.

In fact Mr Pence wanted to spend time with the Prime Minister, requesting she be seated next to him at an official dinner.

But one photo of the pair in perhaps less happy times has got the internet talking, as Ms Ardern gives Mr Pence a clearly annoyed glare.

Twitter user @sarahwedde shared the photo and it has now got more than1300 retweets and 5000 likes.

"Get you a Prime Minister who looks at Mike Pence like this," she wrote.

Many replies to the tweet focused on the fact Mr Pence's wife was not present at the press conference, as he has a rule to never dine alone with other women - his wife, Karen Pence, must always be present.

"That look you get when someone explains why they can't be alone with a woman who isn't his wife," another said.

Mrs Pence was present at the dinner where Mr Pence asked to sit next to Ms Ardern. The Prime Minister said she discussed trade Mr Pence during the dinner.

"It was an excellent opportunity to have a general conversation about politics, family life - but also a substantive conversation with the Vice President on trade matters and New Zealand's economic position."