Serious questions over Papua New Guinea hosting the APEC summit

The Prime Minister is on her way to Papua New Guinea where she'll attend the APEC summit.

It's the first time the small island nation has hosted the event and follows a week already jam-packed with international diplomacy as Ardern has traversed the East Asia Summit in Singapore.

There have been serious questions raised about whether Papua New Guinea is actually capable of pulling this summit off.

Port Moresby is one of the most dangerous cities within APEC, and Papua New Guinea its poorest country.

Larger economies within APEC have given Papua New Guinea money to help out including $15 million from New Zealand.

"That's very specific around primarily security support," Ms Ardern said.

Papua New Guinean Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has been under fire for spending millions on a fleet of 40 Maseratis for the summit.

Ms Ardern says she's confident none of New Zealand's money went toward the luxury fleet and no, she won't be travelling in one.

"I will not and I've been advised I'll be travelling in a Toyota Highlander, I believe," she said.

The Prime Minister will only be on the ground for 24 hours but it is 24 hours rubbing shoulders with the world's most powerful.

Ardern will be focussed on trade and security issues including climate change.