Spilt milk: Parliament suffers after off-milk delivery

Parliament has been struck by disaster on Thursday after it was discovered some of its milk is tainted, off and spoiled.

After receiving several complaints, people in the Parliamentary precinct were told to discard the existing milk in the office fridges.

"The taste of some of the recent milk delivered just hasn't tasted quite right," Newshub was told.

"It wasn't as fresh as it should be."

It's had serious repercussions - and the milk supplier's contract has been terminated.

"After further investigation, we had concerns about this provider's delivery practices," Newshub was told.

"People around here work really hard and deserve to enjoy a good cuppa. Once we realised the milk being provided wasn't as fresh as it should be, we changed supplier and the new milk provider starts tomorrow."

There's not believed to be any health risks to any MPs who drank the tainted milk.