'Blood and guts and sex, that's the way to go' - Simon Bridges

Simon Bridges has revealed the kind of shows he likes to watch when politics is on the backburner.

The National Party leader told RadioLIVE on Monday morning he's "got to keep moving" until after Wednesday night's "infamous Parliament press gallery party" - then it's time to chill in front of the TV.

"I hate to say this on like, a MediaWorks station, but it's all Netflix, man. I'm sorry. It's just all Netflix," he told hosts Mike Puru and Carly Flynn.

"I can't even think what it's called, but the one I'm watching at the moment that's really good, it's not Vikings, but the Danes come over to England. It's something-or-rather Kingdom. It's good."

Mr Bridges appears to have been talking about The Last Kingdom, a critically acclaimed show about the Saxon resistance against Viking invaders, currently in its third season.

"Blood and guts and sex, that's the way to go," Mr Bridges added.

"It's no different to Parliament, is it?" joked Flynn.

Asked if he's a fan of US political drama House of Cards, Mr Bridges said it's "got a bit weird" now with the loss of its leading man Kevin Spacey, who departed under a cloud of sexual assault claims.

"They're just frickin' keeping it going for no reason."

As for whether he'll continue former leader John Key's tradition of sending wine with his Christmas cards, Mr Bridges said he wasn't "quite in that league".

"You know, it's lucky for some, isn't it? Vineyards in the south."

Parliament resumes sitting next year on February 12.