Complaint laid with Auditor General over Maggie Barry's alleged use of Parliament staff for party work

A complaint has been laid with the Auditor General over Maggie Barry's alleged use of parliamentary staff for National Party work.

An email shown to Newshub showed the North Shore MP instructing a ministerial staff member to work on a letter to National Party members. The email was sent during a work day to a parliamentary email address.

Ms Barry had earlier denied the allegation.

Electoral lawyer Andrew Geddis said if Ms Barry did ask her Parliament staff to do party work on the taxpayer dollar, it would probably constitute a breach of law.

Newshub can confirm an official complaint has been laid with the Auditor General.

"I can confirm that concerns have been raised with the Office on this matter, and we're considering it through the usual process," said a statement from the Auditor General's office.

"It's too early to say what will happen following that process."

Parliamentary Services wouldn't comment on individual cases, but issued a statement on the matter.

"If a complaint is made, or concerns come to light, about PS staff potentially carrying out other activities during their usual PS work hours and/or which may conflict with their duties to PS, then such matters are addressed in accordance with PS' policies and procedures."


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