Jacinda Ardern names 'politics' as her lowlight of 2018

Jacinda Ardern says politics itself was the lowlight of her 2018.

Speaking to RadioLIVE on Friday, the Prime Minister said much of what goes on is a "distraction" from what she signed up for.

Hosts Mike Puru and Carly Flynn asked her what the lowlight of the year was.

"It's gonna sound a little bit funny, but politics," she replied. "When you do this job there's the things you get elected to do, the big challenges - then there's things that kind of happen around the periphery. It's part of the job, but they can be a bit of a distraction."

Her highlight won't come as a surprise to anyone that's been following the news however.

"Little baby Neve. Absolutely. Politics comes and goes. Unfortunately, we do get ousted eventually - but I'll always be a mum."

Ms Ardern gave birth to Neve in June, making headlines worldwide. She said her personal goal for 2019 was to find a better balance between her huge responsibilities.

"I'd like to find a bit of a rhythm with being a mum, because [it takes] a while for baby to get a bit of routine. Now that she's really done that, I need to try and build a bit of a routine as well - trying to do that, and also do my job."

She said the biggest thing being a working mum has taught her is that solo parents have it much, much tougher than she realised.

"So far we've done it because we've got my mum and [partner Clarke Gayford's] mum, who have helped us a lot. That's really how we've managed it so far.

"But in all of this, my big question is, how do sole parents do it? I just, I don't understand how people do it on their own. That's been a big lesson for me."