Judith Collins and Michael Wood get into the Christmas spirit

MPs from Labour and National got into the Christmas spirit on Friday morning, giving each other gifts instead of grillings.

Labour's Michael Wood and National's Judith Collins regularly spar on The AM Show, but the former insists it's not personal.

"We don't hate each other at all," he told host Duncan Garner.

"Both of you were such misery guts about Christmas last week - 'Oh, I've got to get a tree out of the closet' and things - I thought that was a bit sad.

"So I've got a little advent calendar so you can count down the days."

Garner wasn't impressed.

"These are the cheapest things at the Warehouse you can buy."

But Mr Wood's "special AM Show version" for Judith had a few personal touches, elevating it above the usual discount fare.

A KiwiBuild/AM Show-themed advent calendar made by Labour's Michael Wood.
A KiwiBuild/AM Show-themed advent calendar made by Labour's Michael Wood. Photo credit: The AM Show

"It's in a KiwiBuild house, there's Judith and me having some jokes behind the couch, Duncan trying to keep things under control.

"There's a frowning guy looking through the window there - I'm not sure if it's the Grinch or just someone we need to let in and show a bit of kindness."

That Grinch was actually AM Show sportsreader Mark Richardson, who played the part.

"Can I just remind everyone that in the days John Key, he used to come around with wine - a bottle of wine for everyone."

Ms Collins didn't have wine, but something equally as indulgent - chocolate for the whole AM Show crew.

"Nice distraction guys," said Garner, hoping to get the conversation back to serious political issues.

"We are professionally trained," replied Mr Wood.


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