Poll: National overtakes Labour, Collins closes in on Bridges

  • 02/12/2018

National MP Judith Collins has moved closer to her party leader in the preferred Prime Minister stakes.

Sunday night's 1 News-Colmar Brunton survey has Ms Collins on 6 percent, just 1 percent behind Simon Bridges.

However both remain well behind incumbent Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who is sitting on 39 percent - down 3 percent.

National remains the most popular party with 46 percent - up 3 percent, suggesting it's gone some way to shrugging off the Jami-Lee Ross controversy.

National has gained 3 percent support. Labour has dropped 2 percent, but are ending the year higher than where they started.

National dropped to a low of 43 percent during the Ross saga, but has climbed its way back to 46 percent, ahead Labour by three percentage points.

Minor parties suffered in the poll, the Greens falling from 7 to 5 percent - the amount required to get into Parliament - and New Zealand First falling below that threshold to 4 percent.

However, despite National having the highest party percentage, its leader Mr Bridges only polled at 7 percent for preferred Prime Minister.

Ms Collins told TVNZ the preferred Prime Minister statistic was not something that had been discussed, repeating a sentiment that has been common in the rocky last few months for the National Party.

"My view is that I support the leader, I support the caucus and the party."