Russel Norman says Maggie Barry's behaviour was 'appalling' in Parliament

Allegations of Maggie Barry's poor conduct continue, with the newest coming from the former co-leader of the Greens.

Russel Norman tweeted on Monday afternoon that Ms Barry was "appalling" during his time in Parliament and would "frequently" interject and yell "Sit down Skippy!" as he attempted to question John Key.

He says that "Key and English used to attack me for being a migrant from Oz so they set the standard, and Barry lowered it".

The tweet was in response to NZ Herald columnist Rachel Stewart saying that Ms Barry had "said the most horrendous things to staff".

Mr Norman did not wish to comment on his statement about Ms Barry.

On Tuesday, Ms Barry said that an investigation into bullying and harassment at Parliament had left her "completely cleared" of any allegations of bullying.

However, multiple people have come forward accusing Ms Barry of being "toxic" and that she was "terrifying" to work for.

The National Party did not respond to requests for comment on Mr Norman's recent claims.