Housing Minister Phil Twyford admits KiwiBuild will fall well short of first year target

KiwiBuild is expected to fall well short of its first year target, Phil Twyford has admitted.

On Wednesday morning the Housing Minister told Radio New Zealand he couldn't guarantee the scheme would meet its promise of 1000 homes by mid-2019.

Now he's confirmed that definitely won't be happening.

Mr Twyford told Newshub that just 300 houses are due to be completed by July 1.

"We've got about 300 homes, so they are either completed or contracted in this first 12 month period."

However he says he's working to increase that number by the mid-year deadline, claiming to be "confident it will be more than that".

He wouldn't commit to having 500 homes built by July, which would be half the original target of KiwiBuild's first year.

"I'll certainly be doing my best," he told Newshub.

Thirty-three homes have been completed so far.