Jacinda Ardern meets European Union leaders to discuss free trade deal

Decisions being made in Brussels are likely to have a massive impact on Kiwi farmers by the end of the year when a free trade deal between New Zealand and European could be finalised by.

On Saturday, Jacinda Ardern had arguably the most important engagement of her European tour meeting with top brass from the European Union (EU) to make a case for a free trade deal.

"In the face of isolationism and protectionism, NZ and the EU share an understanding that going it alone in an interconnected and interdependent world is just not feasible," Ms Ardern said in a press conference with European Council president Donald Tusk.

Partnering up is incredibly lucrative for Kiwi exports as it means their products would be on European shelves without paying tariffs  but it is still up in the air.

While Mr Tusk wants the tariffs gone and European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker is optimistic, if you ask the EU's Agricultural Minister Phil Hogan it's not good news.

"You have to respect sensitivities especially for some products like dairy, lamb and beef products."

Those are the very products New Zealand wants to sell, and they could be partially excluded.

"With any negotiation, there will be areas of sensitivities on both sides. Of course agriculture will continue to be an area we negotiate," said Ms Ardern.

The first draft of those negotiations will be released in February and all going well, the deal could be done by December.

"We should do everything possible to conclude the trade agreement between New Zealand and the European Union by the close of the year," said Mr Junker.

And that's when farmers will find out if they've hit the jackpot, or if Ms Ardern's meetings were all for nothing.