New 'centrist green' political party could partner with National

A former Green Party leadership contender says there's a good chance there could be a new centrist green political party at the next election.

Vernon Tava says there's been a lot of talk about it, and he believes it would have the potential to partner with the National Party.

He's worried about the state of our water, and reckons the new environmental party could be the answer.

"Our fresh water, beaches, river, streams - we're just not doing well enough there," Mr Tava says.

"I'm more certain that this is a thing that can happen with each passing hour."

Mr Tava is a 41-year-old Australian, and a former Green Party candidate. After he missed out in a leadership contest, he then turned and supported National - but eventually, he lost his own battle to become a candidate.

Despite his strong links to the Nats, he says any new centrist green party should be able to work with either side of politics.

Many say the Nats could do with grabbing more of the green vote and after The Opportunity Party's failure at the last election a new party could be the best option.

However some say it could do more harm than good for National.

"There's a chance this party might be worse for the National Party," says political commentator Bryce Edwards.

"It might take votes away from the National Party, yet it may not get to 5 percent."

The Nats have no friends in Parliament right now. They need one to form a Government, and this could be the best friendship on offer.

But it's crucial a blue-green party gets enough votes.

To do that, it may need a bigger name than someone who finished third-equal in a Green Party leadership contest of four people.