'Old stories' may derail John Tamihere's mayoralty bid - expert

  • 27/01/2019

A political commentator is questioning the dynamic within John Tamihere's Auckland mayoralty bid.

The former Labour MP is running for the job with former National politician Christine Fletcher as his deputy.

 Grant Duncan of Massey University says it's an interesting combination.

"One thing you can't accuse Mr Tamihere of is political correctness. He is entertaining and an outspoken person, and it will be interesting to see how he gets along with Christine Fletcher."

Mayor Phil Goff is yet to announce if he'll stand again.

Unlike Mr Goff, Mr Duncan says Mr Tamihere is no stranger to controversy.

"Possibly people are prepared to put that in the past. But people I'm sure will start to drag up some of those old stories as the campaign goes forward."

Over his career Mr Tamihere has made headlines for his comments on Jews, women and rape survivors.

Prof Duncan says even his campaign release was unusual.

"It was interesting in his introductory video how much he wants to lay the responsibility for Auckland's development and the financing of Auckland's development increasingly on central Government."

His election promises include opening the books and improving the partnership with central Government. 

"We can no longer be used as [Mayor Phil] Goff's ATM machine every blinking day, with all of these different silos running and adding costs."


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