Paula Bennett ridicules marijuana legalisation arguments on Facebook

Paula Bennett has taken to Facebook to ridicule "the argument for legalising marijuana".

Earlier this week, National's new drug spokesperson admitted previously using cannabis, but warned Kiwis will "say sorry" to their kids in 30 years if the country decriminalises it.

Her comments enraged one Kiwi, who pointed out the pain cancer patients go through and how much money they would save.

"Marijuana helps people with cancer ease the pain they can't cheat it like you did your weight," part of their argument read.

"Just cause your fat body didn't agree with you when you got stoned in Taupo in your younger days don't ruin it for everyone else you idiot."

But Ms Bennett's post was met with swift backlash, including one person accusing her of "trying to drum up public outrage".

"Posting stuff like this from one person who clearly does not represent the views of all people who would like to see common sense drug policy prevail is just backwards and cynical politics," one person commented.

"I don't really understand why you have taken the time to re-post it? What value does it add to the real debate around the legalisation of marijuana?" another wrote.

On the other side of the decriminalisation debate, Ms Bennett's supporters also unleashed their views, with one calling the person's message the "perfect argument for legal euthanasia".

Ms Bennett also drew controversy on Wednesday after telling The AM Show host Duncan Garner she had "yet to meet someone who's incredibly successful and having a great life that smokes dope every day".