Jacinda Ardern, Simon Bridges take stage at Big Gay Out

The leaders of New Zealand's two largest political parties have appeared at Big Gay Out on Sunday, and spoken of the importance of the Rainbow community.

"This is one of many events that shows the inclusion and diversity of New Zealand and that's something to be celebrated," Prime Minister and Labour leader Jacinda Ardern said.

"Big Gay Out is a chance to celebrate together but also talk about the things we have to do together."

Ms Ardern pointed to the work the Government has done to support the LGBTQ community, including lifting the cap on gender reassignments and increasing access to HIV-prevention drug PrEP.

"We know that there is additional work that needs to be done though," she said.

"We need to make sure that schools, that workplaces and our communities are inclusive places for particularly our LGBTI young people."

One major issue the Government is taking aim at is conversion therapy, which Labour is working to end through a Bill from party member Marja Lubek.

"Conversion therapy demonstrates that we have so much more work to do, and we have to make sure always that as a country we continue to strive for inclusion," Ms Ardern said.

Also appearing at the event was National leader Simon Bridges, who said he was happy to celebrate the "fabulous" Rainbow community.

"National really values all everything we see. It's been great fun to walk around, to chat with a whole lot of you and have an awesome time here," he said.

"For me as leader of the National Party it's incredibly important that everyone knows National's about diversity, inclusiveness and of course making sure that New Zealand's a place you can be who you are and be who you want to be."