Jacinda Ardern urged to talk about detention centres with Aussie PM

A group advocating for detainees is calling on the Prime Minister to address dire conditions in Australian detention centres.

Jacinda Ardern will meet with her Australian counterpart, Scott Morrison, on his first official visit on Friday.

Filipa Payne from Iwi in Aus says conditions in centres needs to be addressed as a priority.

"I hope that our Government actually stays strong and stands up for humanity," she told Newshub.

Mr Morrison will attend an Australia-New Zealand Leaders Meeting in Auckland.

"I think it should be addressed as the number one priority," said Ms Payne. "We recently had a person take their own life in the Villawood detention centre."

Ms Payne says a number of detainees are on day 37 of a hunger strike for better conditions.

"I'm wondering if the two Prime Ministers… will actually address this, and realise that people's lives are at risk, right at this very moment."

Issues expected to be on the agenda include citizenship and deportation and regional security.

The pair first met in November, where they discussed whether onions should go on top or below sausages in bread.