James Shaw praises The Warehouse for achieving carbon neutrality

A Government minister has praised The Warehouse Group for achieving a new environmental milestone. 

Climate Change Minister and Green Party co-leader James Shaw said The Warehouse achieving carbon neutral status was a "great achievement". 

"I welcome the Group's commitment and contribution towards reducing New Zealand's greenhouse emissions," Mr Shaw said of the retail giant on Friday. 

The Warehouse Group has achieved carboNZero certification, one of the first internationally accredited greenhouse gas certification schemes under the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). 

"Achievements like this, and the leadership being shown by other members of the Climate Leaders Coalition, together with the Farming Leaders Group, iwi, and others is vital if we are to become a carbon neutral economy by 2050," Mr Shaw said. 

"I congratulate all those New Zealanders; individuals, communities and organisations who are doing what they can do to help us on the path to carbon neutrality."

The Government announced in 2017 its first steps towards making New Zealand carbon neutral by 2050. It said it would tackle that goal by putting a climate change target into law and by setting up an independent Climate Commission.

Both the Zero Carbon Act and Climate Commission were promised to the Green Party during coalition negotiations, and were the first items on its confidence-and-supply agreement with Labour to form a Government. 

Mr Shaw said the Government is "focused on providing the institutional and legal framework through the Zero Carbon Bill to be passed into law this year".