More schools waiting on leaky building funding - principal's federation

Leaky schools around the country are waiting in anticipation for their cash injection, according to a top principal.

On Tuesday, the Government announced it had allocated $20 million to Botany Downs Secondary College in Auckland to make repairs.

Principals' Federation president Whetu Cormick told Newshub children and teachers are working in unhealthy classrooms and schools are desperate for repairs.

"I think that our colleagues who are suffering with these leaky buildings will be waiting with anticipation."

Mr Cormick said there were many other schools waiting for repairs on their buildings and the Ministry of Education has a "massive task" on its hands fixing them.

"The sooner that these repairs are made the better, and I'm sure that schools, they'll be desperate to get their hands on some of this long over waited cash."

Botany Downs Secondary College will receive the funds to pay for re-roofing and cladding work on buildings that contain 70 of the 84 teaching spaces at the school.

"Students learn best in in high-quality classrooms. This investment will ensure students of Botany Downs can study in warm, dry teaching spaces, as they fully deserve to," Education Minister Chris Hipkins said when the funding was announced.

The Government's announcement was the first in a series of investments it will make this year in schools.

"As well as investing in new schools for a growing student population, we know that many existing buildings not affected by weathertightness at schools around the country have been neglected or barely patched up in recent years.

"That is not fair on the students or teachers and needs to change." 


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