PM Jacinda Ardern stumbles when asked to recite Treaty of Waitangi articles

Jacinda Ardern hasn't had the smoothest start to her Waitangi trip. 

Speaking to press on Monday, the Prime Minister was asked by a reporter what Article 1 of the Treaty of Waitangi says. 

"Article 1? On the spot? Kawanatanga," she replied, when helped out by Willie Jackson and other ministers standing behind her.

Article 1 of the Treaty of Waitangi is indeed called Kawanatanga, but the Prime Minister did not go into detail about what the article says, as she was asked. 

Article 1 of the Treaty of Waitangi says the Queen of England has complete governance over Māori land. 

Asked what Article 2 says, Ms Ardern said, "Tino Rangatiratanga," which is the name of the name of Article 2, but again she did not provide further insight. 

"Look, I know the principles of Waitangi, I know our obligations," she said. 

"Of course, we as a Government are trying to fill those not just in legislation, but in the policies and programmes that we roll out."

Article 2 of the Treaty of Waitangi says iwi can exercise authority in respect of their own affairs. It also says Māori will sell their land to the Queen at a price agreed upon by the owner and the Queen's purchase agent. 

Article 3 of the treaty outlines how Māori and all New Zealanders will be protected by the Queen and that they will be given the same rights as those of the people of England. 

"Certainly, I learnt about the treaty as part of my education, and many of our young people will and should as part of learning about Aotearoa's history," Ms Ardern said.

"It is part of our history and we should be learning about it. I would certainly have an expectation and a hope that it is learnt across our schools as part of our curriculum."