Billboard calling for sexual violence support funding erected for International Women's Day

A billboard calling for fully-funded sexual violence services has been stationed outside Parliament to mark International Women's Day.

Fiona McNamara from the Sexual Abuse Prevention Network says groups need long-term sustainable funding.

"We cannot afford to have these services fall over, because sexual violence is a huge issue in this country."

The billboard will reference the 13,860 people who have signed petitions that support full funding for specialist sexual violence prevention and support services.

An image of the billboard, which is orange with black and white text. Text quoted below.
The billboard. Photo credit: Supplied/Action Station

"Dear Jacinda. Tell Grant to fully fund sexual violence prevention and support services in budget 2019," it reads.

Ms McNamara said money injected into the sector by the previous Government hasn't made it to the frontline.

"At one point there was $46 million injected, but a lot of that was used within Government and very little of it came down to our sector or it went to just some parts of it.

"A lot of agencies really didn't feel the effects of it."

But she said now is the right time to start asking for a bit more.

"With the new Government and the moves that they are making already in this space, it's a really opportune moment to ask for that problem to be solved."

Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson accepted a petition calling for more funding for support and prevention in December last year.

"There are not enough services for people who are causing harm or at risk of causing harm. The push for that has not been hard enough so that was great to see in this petition. "

She said an overall culture change is needed, including funding consent education at primary and secondary schools.

"It would be ideal if we had an Aotearoa where people had consistently healthy, consensual relationships, and that abuse was recognised and not silenced."


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