Call for Jacinda Ardern to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

The Muslim community say Jacinda Ardern's leadership has guided them through this tragedy more than they could have expected.

The world also has been watching the Prime Minister. Some are even calling for her to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Making her third trip to Christchurch in less than a week, the Prime Minister was back again on Friday for the call to prayer.

Within moments of the attacks last Friday her focus was the Muslim community.

The following day Jacinda Ardern grieved with Christchurch Muslims, and was back again in Christchurch a few days later visiting more people and schools.

Less than a week after the attack she changed New Zealand's gun laws.

The Muslim community is saying she's been a leader like no other, paying tribute to her at the call to prayer.  

Khaled Amlah said: "She is an amazing lady and I think she exceeded everyone's expectations."

Tareq Talahma added: "I think it's how she appeared in an organic way, she didn't overplay it, she was acting as a human being."

In fact, some are saying she deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

"We would like to nominate her for a Nobel Prize, she is really a kind of model that we need to follow," Talahma said.

They say she has given solace to many at a time of great grief.

It's not just New Zealanders who have been praising Ardern's response to these terror attacks, but people and politicians the world over, both for her genuine empathy and strong leadership, and swift action on gun laws.

She's also inspiring young New Zealanders - a light in New Zealand's darkest days.


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