Christchurch terror attack: Petition launched for Jacinda Ardern to receive Nobel Peace Prize

There are calls for Jacinda Ardern to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of her leadership following the Christchurch terror attack.

A petition on which says Ardern has shown wisdom and courage throughout her response to the attacks has received nearly 2000 signatures as of Saturday morning.

Ardern travelled down to Christchurch the day after Friday's shooting and met with members of the Muslim community.

She announced changes to New Zealand's gun laws on Thursday, six days after the attack. They are expected to be in place by April 11.

"Her strong leadership after the shootings in Christchurch, the first attack of its kind in New Zealand's modern history, could teach a thing or two to other world leaders who at times have come short when tragedy strikes," the petition says.

The petition is addressed to the United Nations, which does not administer the Nobel Peace Prize. It is presented by the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

Nominations for the prize can be made between September and February. 

People who can make nominations include members of national government, university professors from a select range of subjects and former recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize.

A full list of who can nominate is available on the Nobel Prize website.