'He is a psycho': Relatives open up about 'evil' Kiwi jihadi Mark Taylor

The family of 'Kiwi jihadi' Mark Taylor say he is evil and can rot in the Kurdish prison he's being kept in. 

They want New Zealand to know they don't support him and believe he poses a dangerous threat, with a close relative suggesting he deserves a bullet. 

"We do not want him back," the relative, who does not want to be identified, said. "He can die there."

When asked if the family believes that, the relative said: "Yes."

Since Taylor's arrest in Syria, the family has been through hell. The relative said some members of the family are not attending school right now due to bullying. 

In 2011, Taylor told Three he was bullied as a child and had a low IQ. But it's understood he grew up in a loving home.

The relatives Newshub spoke to say it's his limited intelligence that makes him a threat. 

"He's danger, he's unpredictable," the relative said. "We believe he is a psycho - we are at a total loss as to why he has the view he has, especially towards women."

In a recent interview from prison in Syria, Taylor expressed regret at not being able to afford a woman slave.

"I would like to have one, but never got to," he told ABC News. 

The relative responded to his comment, saying: "That has disgusted each and every one of us to the core - he was not brought up like that."

Taylor was with the Islamic State for five years in Syria. During that time, he encouraged violence in its name. 

"Even if you have to stab a few police officers, soldiers on ANZAC Day, so be it," he once said. 

The terrorist organisation is behind possibly hundreds of beheadings. 

"I believe he wouldn't hesitate to chop someone's head off if given the chance, especially if it meant he could get a woman slave," the relative said. 

Taylor's passport expired in 2017. To get a new one he'd have to get to the New Zealand Embassy in Turkey. 

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said if Taylor wished to travel he would need the documentation to do that, and he would need to ascertain that himself. 

It seems the Government has zero interest in helping Taylor get home, and he's said he feels abandoned by New Zealand. 

"I asked the Government to help me and they just stabbed me in the back," he said. 

But his relatives feel like he's the one who's stabbed them in the back. 

"We feel he has stabbed us not only in the back but in our hearts. He's ruined our family name."

Mark Taylor's mother died in June last year. His brother emailed Taylor in Syria but got no reply, so he may not know she's dead. 

Taylor's father has gone off the grid and is not responding to calls from the family.