Jacinda Ardern addresses Australia relationship as Kiwi detainees reportedly hold hunger strike

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has addressed the refugee issues in Australia in an interview with The Project's Jesse Mulligan.

To date, she has spoken out about refugees being detained and the effect it is having on the relationship between New Zealand and Australia.

On Friday, she was unable to confirm reports New Zealand-born detainees are on hunger strikes, to protest the conditions in the camps.

Ms Ardern told Mulligan she had received no reports or advice on it and that she "couldn't answer either way."

She did acknowledge if it was happening, then she would be concerned.

"Our relationship with Australia is important and there's a friendship there, but you have to call out when there are issues that impact that relationship."

Last week, Ms Ardern described the issue of Kiwi citizens being detained as "corrosive to our relationship with Australia".

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was standing beside her as she spoke.

Watch the video for The Project's full interview.

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