Winston Peters to 'put record straight' over Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan's comments

The Turkish President has threatened that New Zealanders will be returned in coffins if they travel to Turkey for anti-Muslim reasons - and Winston Peters has responded. 

Tayyip Erdogan is campaigning for re-election in Turkey and has been playing the video made by the alleged Christchurch gunman of his murders at campaign rallies. 

Speaking just across the water from the Gallipoli peninsula, Erdogan said if New Zealanders travel to Turkey with bad intentions they will be sent home in coffins like their grandfathers. 

In five weeks, New Zealanders will be making their annual pilgrimage to Gallipoli for ANZAC Day.

Asked if New Zealanders should be concerned for their safety travelling to Turkey ahead of ANZAC Day, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters said: "I am going to Turkey today to put the record straight."

Erdogan has been campaigning ahead of local elections and at his rallies has been playing an edited version of the alleged Christchurch gunman's video of the massacre - an attempt to whip up support with Islamist followers.

On Monday, Peters was fuming, saying: "It imperils the future ... totally unfair."

He said he intends to put the record straight that New Zealand is an innocent party to the act of a foreigner - something he said Erdogan "knows". 

He said he intends to "put New Zealand's record as an innocent party to an act of a foreigner in our country". 

"He knows the separation of us and Australia - some countries don't think we're different but we are," he said, referring to the Australian nationality of the alleged 28-year-old gunman, Brenton Tarrant. 

The Turkish Vice President and Foreign Minister were in Christchurch in the immediate aftermath of the attack visiting injured Turks. 

"New Zealand is one of the most tolerant and peaceful countries in the world," Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said. 

Peters sent the delegation home with a message. He said he has "spoken to the VP and the FM. They left at 4 o'clock this morning - they'll have a chance to set the record straight when they get home."

But Erdogan's inflammatory statements have been made, and the sick video has been played - damage already done.