British media personality Katie Hopkins hits back at Grant Robertson

Outspoken British media personality Katie Hopkins has hit back at Grant Robertson for calling her an idiot, challenging him to have it out "man to man."  

In a series of tweets on Wednesday she laid into both the Finance Minister and the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.   

The stoush between the Robertson and Hopkins started on Sunday after the terror attack in Sri Lanka.

Hopkins tweeted she expected the Prime Minister, after the attacks, to "be dressed as the Pope, ringing church bells across New Zealand and praying in Latin in Parliament by noon".

The comments were a reference to criticism of Jacinda Ardern for donning a hijab following the Christchurch mosque attacks on March 15.

Finance Minister Robertson leapt to Ardern’s defence on Tuesday saying on The AM Show Hopkins is "an idiot".

"I am not sure if she thinks that Jacinda is the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka as well as the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

"Katie Hopkins is a publicity seeker, and I hope that's the last time I say her name on TV."

Things heated up on Wednesday in a series of tweets by Hopkins.

First up she called out Ardern for sending "tubs" to fight her battles for her on TV.

"Very disappointed you have sent Tubs (@grantrobertson1) to fight your battles in your place Equally disappointed you have not yet dressed as the Pope, banned rucksacks or buffet breakfasts."

Then later in the day she laid in to Robertson, calling him out and warning him she had big testicles.  

"Dear Tubs @grantrobertson1 From the safety of a studio you call me an idiot. Step into the light and let’s have this conversation man to man. I want to know why you are prostrating New Zealand to Islam Warning Tubs, my testicles are massive."

Hopkins is a former contestant in the British version of The Apprentice. She is also a columnist for a number of British tabloids, including The Sun. She has been widely criticised for her right wing views.