I'll 'absolutely' be staying as National leader - Simon Bridges

National leader Simon Bridges is confident in his leadership and has come out swinging against Jacinda Ardern for not delivering a capital gains tax (CGT). 

Bridges said during a press conference in Tauranga on Wednesday that his party's relentless opposition to the Tax Working Group's proposed CGT had forced the Government to back down on the prospect. 

"Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she personally still wants a capital gains tax and that our tax system is unfair. New Zealanders simply can't trust Labour when it comes to tax."

He claimed New Zealand's economy has "suffered" while the coalition Government has had public discussion about a policy "they couldn't agree on". 

The Prime Minister announced on Wednesday the coalition Government - made up of Labour, New Zealand First and the Greens - could not reach a consensus on a CGT.

"In the Government's so called year of delivery, they've dropped their flagship tax policy. The big question remains, what are they doing to encourage the economy to grow?" Bridges said. 

"Unlike the Government, National has a plan when it comes to the economy. We won't introduce any new taxes in our first term and we will index tax brackets to inflation."

How secure is his leadership?

The National leader was also asked about the security of his leadership, after National MPs spoke out against him telling Newshub there was agitation behind the scenes. 

Bridges was asked his response to MPs anonymously telling the media that support was growing in the National caucus for Judith Collins to become leader. 

"I'm sure that's not the case," he said. "I think right now National supporters will be feeling really good about this victory for Kiwis actually, and our way of life, as I've always said."

Asked if he will last as National leader for the rest of the year, he responded: "Absolutely."

"Right through to the election, we'll be campaigning to win the election because we know what New Zealanders need isn't more taxes being piled on - it's a stronger economy, education, and good infrastructure."