Jacinda Ardern's China trip 'quality over quantity' - Tova O'Brien

The Prime Minister achieved in 12 hours what she originally meant to do in a week during her trip to China, according to Newshub Political Editor Tova O'Brien.

Jacinda Ardern met with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and President Xi Jinping on Monday during a short trip to China.

O'Brien told The AM Show Ardern managed to make an impact, even with the reduced time on the ground.

"She was originally supposed to be here for a week, but I think she's achieved in the 12 hours that she was on the ground in Beijing what she could have with that original itinerary.

"Those two incredible photo opportunities with the two most powerful people in China and all those public remarks from President Xi Jinping and President Li Keqiang about the relationship between New Zealand and China and how good it is, [it's] kind of quelling a lot of that speculation we've had in the lead up to this trip that the relationship was on the rocks."

Relations between China and New Zealand have been strained recently after the GCSB put a temporary hold on plans for Chinese company Huawei to help build a 5G network here.

Ardern said she raised the issue of Huawei during her meeting with Xi and Li, but wouldn't say much about what was covered.

"I did proactively raise the issue of Huawei and the process that New Zealand has around our legislation and what makes that unique. I did raise issues around cyber security."

The trip was cut short due to the Christchurch terror attack. O'Brien said the Chinese government was grateful Ardern made it over, despite recent events.