Jacinda Ardern's touching Easter message gets second life on social media

A touching historical social media post from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern from before she became the country's leader has been resurrected for a second life.

During Easter in 2014, Ardern shared a tale of unity after several flights were cancelled at Wellington Airport.

"Everyone waiting at the gate looked pretty gutted, but a few in particular. I was lucky enough to grab a rental car, so I doubled back through the airport to try and find the upset looking group from my flight," she wrote.

Ardern said one person was due to head to a wedding, another to a 21st birthday celebration and another "just wanted to see her family".

They took off in the future Labour Party leader's rental car, heading up the country in a late-night Easter road trip.

"And so here we are, a random collection of people who have had the loveliest reminder that New Zealand is beautifully small," she wrote.

At the time, Ardern was simply a rising star in her party, with no idea of the international acclaim she'd be showered in just a few years later as the nation's leader.

The post's resurgence comes after Ardern was honoured in Time's 100 Most Influential People list and she was named the world's second greatest leader by Fortune.

She has received worldwide applause for her response to the Christchurch terror attacks.

"Truly awesome lady. We are lucky to have such a real person who cares at the helm of our lovely land," Facebook user Melanie Jack wrote on Friday.

The post has been shared more than 7700 times on Facebook, but has also been widely recirculated on Reddit and across Instagram and Twitter.