Judith Collins refuses to say she's loyal to National leader Simon Bridges

Judith Collins has refused to say she's loyal to Simon Bridges amid speculation the National Party wants her as leader. 

"I support the leader," Collins told Newshub on Tuesday when asked if she could say, 'I am loyal to Simon Bridges'. 

"I am loyal to the National Party - the National Party of course is not a cult and I always support the leader and he was chosen as the leader just over a year ago so I absolutely support him," Collins said. 

Asked if she will be making a leadership bid, Collins replied: "I'm not anticipating doing anything like that and I think any private discussions, I try to keep those private."

Newshub has been told the numbers are firming for Collins to take a leadership role - a position she has previously put her hand up for.

MPs in Bridges' Caucus told Newshub this month they are not pleased with their leader's handling of the Jami-Lee Ross saga, the "emotional junior staffer" issue, and 'slushy-gate', among others.

Asked if Bridges should be leader, National MP Amy Adams said on Tuesday she believes he's "done a really good job under difficult circumstances".

When asked if Judith Collins has the numbers to support a leadership bid, Adams replied: "I don't believe so".

Adams said she didn't think leadership would be raised at the Caucus meeting, telling Newshub: "No, look, I think we're focused on what we always focus on which is another sitting block holding the Government to account."

She added: "I think the majority of the Caucus is very clear that we support Simon and want to carry on with the job of being here which is not internal squabbles, but being the best Opposition we can be."

National MP Maggie Barry told Newshub: "I support Simon Bridges as leader 100 percent."

Her position was echoed by National MP Jacqui Dean who said Bridges had handled things well as leader and that "of course" she supported him.

Asked what she thinks of Collins, Dean replied: "I think she's a great MP as well."

Kanwal Singh Bakshi, a National list MP, told Newshub: "Simon is our leader and still will continue with that."

When asked if leadership was on the agenda at Tuesday's Caucus meeting, he replied: "Let's see what happens - but so far, Simon is our leader and Caucus is very united and we want to keep the Government accountable."