Govt claims it's 'well on track' to building 300 KiwiBuild homes by July

The Housing Minister insists he's on track to meet his scaled back KiwiBuild target of 300 homes in the first year - despite delays to 20 apartments in Lower Hutt due for completion by July.

It's understood the development's been held up by structural problems.

Also in July is KiwiBuild's first anniversary, which is when Phil Twyford promised 300 homes would be completed, or contracted to be completed.

Despite the delay on the Lower Hutt KiwiBuilds, and the fact just 74 Kiwibuild homes have been built so far, the Housing Minister remains confident he'll hit 300.

"My advice is we are well on track to meet the 300," said Twyford.

But National's housing spokesperson, Judith Collins, isn't so sure.

"They are probably going to get themselves 80-something," she said. "I think they are going to have to get a move on."

Just around the corner from the Lower Hutt apartments, the Prime Minister was checking in on school kids. But not the local KiwiBuilds - she's unsure how her flagship housing policy is tracking, saying she hasn't checked in with Twyford.

Labour promised 400 KiwiBuild homes in the Hutt at the last election - she's not sure how that's going either.

"I'd need to check in with the minister around specific developments," she said.

The ministry responsible told Newshub the Lower Hutt apartments will be delayed by a few months - they need additional strengthening. 

It said they are on track to build 300 homes. To reach that, 226 homes need to be built in the next two months.



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