Poll reveals Jacinda Ardern is more popular than ever

Poll reveals Jacinda Ardern is more popular than ever
Photo credit: Newshub.

Jacinda Ardern is more popular than ever according to a new poll.

Ardern has now reached 51 percent, reaching her highest ever rating as preferred Prime Minister.

She had leapt seven percentage points since her last polling in February.

The poll, conducted by One News and Colmar Brunton, shows Simon Bridges has dropped down to five percent, which is the lowest he has ever polled during his time as National Party Leader.

It also showed Labour up three percentage points to 48 percent and National down two to 40 per cent. 

The Greens were steady at six percent, while NZ First climbed up to four percent, still below the threshold.   

The result would give Labour 60 seats and the Greens eight. 

Bridges says he is not too bothered by the poll.

"What matters is the Party vote," he told One News. 

"I'm pleased where I'm at. I'm pleased leading a party that's in the 40s, that's consistently there."

When asked whether she thought her handling of the Christchurch terror attack had contributed to her high polling, Ardern remained tight lipped. Reports One News

"All I know is that I'm doing my job to the best of my ability," said Ardern.

"That's what the public expects of me. I just know I have a job to do on behalf of New Zealand, and I'm doing it."

National MP Judith Collins has also fallen to five percent.

When asked about the downfall of his fellow MP, Bridges said the result could be "a function of name recognition, a variety of things."