Sean Plunket blasts Katie Hopkins over Jacinda Ardern tweet

Sean Plunket is blasting controversial British media personality Katie Hopkins following her attack on Jacinda Ardern following the Sri Lanka bombings.

On Sunday, Hopkins tweeted that she expected the Prime Minister to "be dressed as the Pope, ringing church bells across New Zealand and praying in Latin in Parliament by noon".

The comments are a reference to criticism of Ardern for donning a hijab following the Christchurch mosque attacks on March 15.

But Plunket has lashed out at her, saying her comments were an "offensive, nasty, ignorant thing to say".

"I, like many New Zealanders, believe that our Government and our Prime Minister acted incredibly well, incredibly graciously, and incredibly positively," he said on his Magic Talk show on Tuesday.

"Katie Hopkin's attack on our Prime Minister was unjustified, but her snarky sarcastic extremist tweet after the Sri Lanka bombings isn't just an attack on Jacinda Ardern, it is an attack on New Zealanders.

"She's a failed soldier, a failed talk host, a failed celebrity and a failed human being. She is a successful online troll, racist, Islamophobe and xenophobe."

Plunket has also challenged Hopkins to appear on his show to justify her "abhorrent" views.

"Crawl out from under the rock where you live or the bridge where you troll. Come out from behind your Twitter keyboard and front for an interview with me," he said.

"You're a cowardly slug if you don't front and I look forward to hearing from you."