'Angry' Simon Bridges receives mixed reaction in Parliament - Tova O'Brien

  • 08/05/2019

On the back of rumours his leadership was in trouble, the National Party's Simon Bridges has made several impassioned remarks in Parliament that have drawn mixed reactions.

Before the Easter break, Newshub heard from several National MPs frustrated with Bridges' leadership and that MP Judith Collins was gaining the numbers to roll him.

But no coup has yet eventuated and an ardent Bridges came out swinging in Parliament's debating chamber last week criticising the Government over the purchase of slushie machines for Corrections workers.

On Tuesday, he was also thrown out of the chamber for making "barnyard" noises.

But Newshub's Political Editor Tova O'Brien said this "angry", energetic Bridges isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Watch the interview.

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