Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki announces political party launch

Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki confirms he's launching a new political party after weighing up the possibility for several months.

Tamaki invited media to attend his church on Thursday where he said more details on his political bid would be made available.

"This is not a decision which we have undertaken lightly," a spokesperson said on Wednesday.

However, because of an "escalating tide of poor decision-making", "we have had no choice but to stand up for the ever-growing silent majority of regular New Zealanders who are becoming more and more fed up and sick of the spin".

"Politics is not a game, nor is it a popularity contest. The fates of our children and our children's children are hugely important, and deserve all possible due consideration," the spokesperson said.

"It is a privilege and a responsibility to seek to represent the New Zealand People. It is not an entitlement. Some persons and parties seem to have forgotten this fundamental truth.

"We look forward to reminding them, from now until Election Day 2020, just what it is that the New Zealand People expect of our representatives and leaders."

His comments come after he tweeted on Tuesday that he "might just launch a political party next week because whose dumb enough to vote for that mess (sic)" in response to an inquiry into bullying in Parliament.

Back in February, Tamaki admitted starting a new political party "might be a good idea". But he told Newshub he wouldn't stand for election himself.

"Oh no, I can't lower myself to go down to that position with my high call."

And speaking on Sunday, National leader Simon Bridges said the establishment of a new religious party is an "alluring idea".

Bridges said there's a gap in the market presently for a Christian conservative party, noting "interesting character" Colin Craig's Conservative Party managed to get 4 percent in 2014, and the Christian Coalition - led by convicted paedophile Graham Capill - got 4.33 percent in 1996.