Garner: KiwiBuild was Labour's biggest promise, now it's their biggest failure

OPINION: Does Winston Peters think we are thick, or does he think we just aren't watching and listening?

We are Winston and it's time to call you out, stop misleading the public on stuff that matters - housing. KiwiBuild, it's a total flop, 84 homes in 541 days, what a spluttering mess.

An abject failure to do the hard yards in opposition and come ready with a workable plan, and what an opportunity lost and missed by a Government who spun us to death over it.

Winston Peters now says they'll build MORE than 100,000 homes.  You can't get to 100 Winston, stop the rot, stop the utter rubbish.

KiwiBuild should be scrapped and you work on the things in housing that matter and work.

Judith Collins thinks Phil Twyford should go. He won't Judith, just like you didn't either.

KiwiBuild was one of Labour's biggest promises, now it stands flapping in the wind as their biggest failure.

Shame really. The Prime Minister must address it soon. Also she should remind her MPs the truth matters.

Duncan Garner is the host of The AM Show