Guy Williams praises 'incredibly brave' girlfriend Golriz Ghahraman

Guy Williams says his girlfriend Golriz Ghahraman is "incredibly brave" for dealing with racist abuse and death threats.

On Tuesday it was revealed that the Green MP is now being escorted by a parliamentary security guard following a spike in violent threats against her.

Last week Newshub revealed white supremacists had discussed lynching Ghahraman in a closed online forum.

The 38-year-old became the first refugee ever elected to New Zealand Parliament in 2017, and has suffered a barrage of racist and sexist abuse ever since.

Partner and comedian Williams says his relationship with Ghahraman has made him realise the internet can be a hostile place for women and people from ethnic minorities.

"I always thought that everyone got crap online but what I've experienced isn't 5 percent of the real hate that @GolrizGhahraman gets on a daily basis," the comedian said on Twitter.

"She's incredibly brave to fight through it."

Newshub published some of the threats with Ghahraman's permission, but chose not to include the most violent comments which included offensive racial slurs.

Williams says Ghahraman has been a target "since the day she entered Parliament" but that recent calls to review hate speech laws in the wake of the Christchurch attack seem to have prompted people to ramp up the abuse.

He also suggested criticism from David Seymour has emboldened racists further.

"David Seymour's comments only fanned the flames, this is the context for why they were so frustrating."

In an interview with Magic Talk, the ACT leader called Ghahraman a "menace to freedom" and "completely wrong" for her views on free speech laws.

His comments earned a harsh rebuke from fellow MP Judith Collins, who said it "does not assist political debate to dehumanise her like that".

Ghahraman herself said Seymour was "dog whistling to racists...the same racists who were just caught talking about how to kill me."