James Shaw 'healing well' after assault on walk to Parliament

James Shaw is "healing well" after an attack on his walk to work nearly two months ago.

The Climate Change Minister was punched in the face on March 14, sustaining a fracture to his eye socket.

The AM Show host Duncan Garner noticed his eye still looked injured weeks after the attack. Shaw explained it was due to the severity of the punch.

"There is a bit of discolouration there, there is a fracture in my eye socket, which is healing well, but I think that is why you can see a bit of discolouration."

Things have returned to normal now and Shaw is back walking to work every morning, after a short break due to New Zealand's raised terror threat level.

"I've started walking to work again, but actually of course the day after I got assaulted the terrorist attack occurred and we went to a higher security level and we actually weren't allowed to walk to work for about four weeks."

The man behind the attack is currently before the courts and Shaw said he did not want to comment further on that process.

Shaw said he was well aware of the fact a lot of people get injured far worse in assaults and he doesn't want to be treated differently than anyone else.

"So I just think let's try and live in a world where no one gets assaulted on the way to work, whether you're a politician or not."