Jami-Lee Ross challenges Alfred Ngaro over 'Holocaust' abortion post

Botany MP Jami-Lee Ross has slammed his former National Party colleague Alfred Ngaro over his views on abortion.

On Saturday Ngaro shared a pro-life post to Facebook which said abortion is "an unholy Holocaust in our nation".

But Ross said any politician endorsing the "trivialising of the Holocaust" needs to be called out.

"Comparing abortion to the Holocaust is not only extremely offensive, but it sends an appalling message to anyone that has ever been faced with one of life's toughest decisions," Ross said in a statement on Sunday.

"MPs in this country should be denouncing anyone that trivialises the Holocaust, not giving endorsement to those views."

Ross' criticism comes amid rumours Ngaro might be leaving the Nats to form a new Christian conservative party, which would challenge Ross for the Botany seat.

National wouldn't run a rival candidate, instead encouraging voters to give Ngaro the tick in the hopes of driving Ross out and gaining another coalition partner at next year's election.

Ross challenged Ngaro to come to Botany and discuss his view on abortion with the local community, adding he will "always stand up and defend a women's right to choose".

"People in Botany are fair-minded and reasonable people. I cannot see much support for such extremist views on women's rights or a health issue," he said.

"I feel for the reasonable people in the National Party that may end up seeing their Party help to establish a new organisation where the leader shares such confronting viewpoints."