KiwiBuild: Is the Government's flagship policy over?

The nail in the coffin of KiwiBuild: The Prime Minister is unable to commit to the ultimate goal of her flagship policy.

National leader Simon Bridges asked Jacinda Ardern in Parliament if the Government is still committed to building 100,000 KiwiBuild houses over 10 years.

With just 84 KiwiBuild homes having been built so far, Ardern responded: "We are going through the process of a reset around the KiwiBuild programme."

But the commitment no longer exists - and it wouldn't be the first KiwiBuild target to fall over.

In its first year, 1000 homes were supposed to be built. That promise was broken in January, and revised down to about 300.

A KiwiBuild reset was announced then, but still the mother of all targets remained.

"Our 100,000 over 10 years is unchanged," Ardern said in January. But that may not be happening anymore. 

When asked if the target will be met, Housing Minister Phil Twyford told Newshub: "I'm not going to be speculating today on the results of the reset. We will work through the issues."

Twyford added: "Until we announce the results of the reset, I'm not going to be speculating."

Bridges told Newshub it was "inevitable", adding that it was an "example of an overpromise being undelivered".

In early 2018, the Housing Minister told Newshub he would absolutely meet the KiwiBuild targets.

"Yeah, absolutely," he replied, when asked if the goals would be met. He even said he'd stake his job on it.

But asked on Wednesday if he would resign, Twyford refused to answer and stormed off, as a proverbial storm brews for the Government.