KiwiBuild: Winston Peters says Govt will build 'a lot more' than 100,000 homes

Winston Peters has created even more KiwiBuild confusion.

On Wednesday the Government seemed to be walking away from its promise to build 100,000 homes in 10 years - but now the Deputy Prime Minister is promising it will build even more than that.

The flagship housing policy was supposed to be simple, but Housing Minister Phil Twyford has backed away from the 100,000 target as KiwiBuild undergoes a reset.

"It's not possible to say yes or no on that question right now," he told Newshub.

You won't hear the Prime Minister say 100,000 anymore either.

"Our goal has been to increase the number of first home buyer who are able to buy a home," Jacinda Ardern said.

But Peters is doubling down, saying the Government will build "a lot more" than 100,000.

He doesn't believe the nay-sayers, telling the House that the KiwiBuild target is "easily achievable".

He even borrowed a line from US President Donald Trump: "The intention is to make this country great again."

Twyford now seems to be questioning whether New Zealand even needs 100,000 affordable homes.

"The housing market has changed, it's not the same as it was a year ago."

He put his job on the line over KiwiBuild in a Newshub interview, but when asked again today if he'll resign should the goal not be reached, it was a different story.

"No, I'm totally focused on the reset."

The programme has now fallen victim to the dreaded R words: "reconstructed", "reset", "reconsidering", "review".

There are another couple of R words hanging over Twyford's head. Judith Collins is calling for him to resign, while the Prime Minister is planning a reshuffle of her Cabinet in June - around the same time the reset is announced.