Leaked Cabinet document proves New Zealand not ready for cannabis referendum - National

National says it's been leaked a paper from inside Cabinet that shows New Zealand is not ready for a marijuana referendum.

It comes as the Government considers its referendum options on Monday, which could pave the way to new laws legalising cannabis.

National's Paula Bennett is lighting up at the Government over marijuana. She claims National's been leaked the Cabinet paper detailing the four different options for a referendum on recreational marijuana.

She's not letting slip who leaked, but says it's the real deal.

"I have absolutely no doubt, I've read and seen enough of them myself," she told Newshub.

Of the four options up for consideration, the first is a broad question - "do you support legalising the personal use of recreational cannabis?"

The others would give voters more detail to consider in the form of a policy document or draft law.

Bennett says marijuana is detrimental to those under-25, but the proposed legal age would be 20.

She also questions whether taxes on the sale of cannabis could create a black market.

In a statement, the Government is refusing to confirm if these are the options being considered tomorrow.

It's unlikely there will be an inquiry into who leaked the Cabinet paper either.

But, if this is a leak from inside Cabinet, it would be seriously concerning for the Government.